Mission & Vision

At Pikimama we support mothers freedom, happiness, and everyday life that they can thrive. 

In the past, women thought that they had to give up being fashionable, to be feminine when they became a mother. They were told to stay at home, and to only care for their family. 

However, we now live in the world where women can thrive! 

We as mothers, can be feminine, fashionable, have a carrier, and a loving home.

Mothers can care for themselves as much as they care for their family. 

We truly believe in the concept 

Happy Mother=Happy Baby

Our Pikimama Sling allows mothers the freedom

Freedom to move
Freedom to be fashionable
Freedom to work
Freedom to be themselve

all the while being comfortable and bonding with your precious baby. 

We create our sling by hand in Tokyo, one by one, hoping that it can bring you the joy, happiness, and freedom to be yourself.

To help enjoy this precious time you have with your baby.