Whats the ideal baby carrier?

Enhances baby's growth

Carrying the baby in a womb like environment that is perfect for baby's mind and body growth, and is comfortable for baby and caregiver.

Ease of use

User satisfaction is 100% for ease of use! The concept of carrying around a baby carrier is eliminated because wearing it is not a chore, instead it is just like wearing clothes every day.

Comfortable on body

The special back structure allows you to keep a balanced and beautiful posture with the entire upper body with less burden on the body. 80% of users have experienced a reduction in stiff shoulders and back pain using pikimama!

Babywearing time becomes a joyful time

Because it is comfortable to carry in Pikimama, babywearing for a long period of time at home or during your outing becomes a joyful time! Enjoy all the beautiful memories you make with your precious one without your backs and shoulders hurting.

Breathable fabric perfect for all seasons


The moderate stretchiness, silky feel, and breathability of our fabric provide the best comfort for babies, mothers, and fathers.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute Approved


Certified by the Institute for Hip Dysplasia ( IHDI ) as a baby carrier that allows for a deep M position, which is considered optimal for baby's hip development. In addition, the soft, stretchy special fabric promotes the natural development of the baby's spine.

Safety standard approved by the world


The slings are certified by ASTM, one of the world's largest private standard-testing organizations, as a safe baby carrier. All slings are made in our atelier in Tokyo by mothers. Each sling is handmade with care, which is not possible with factory production.

Born from a mother's voice

The Pikimama Sling was created by designer Alicia in her pursuit of the ideal carrying solution for carrying her own child. That's why it has everything "moms want".