Welcome to the Pikimama family!

My name is Alicia.
I live with my husband Tony and 4 kids in Tokyo.
I have always loved kids, and dreamed of becoming a mother ever since I was a little girl. 

When I become a house wife 13 years ago after graduating collage, I would have never thought I will be runinng my own company! 

It's so amazing how life turns out

When I first became a mother, I was over the moon happy! It was such an amazing time of reading so many parenting books, joining parenting groups, and just devouring information about how to be a mom. 

Within all the groups, I felt at home most with La Leche League. I loved their monthly meetings, and the library selection they offered. 

There, I learned about all the benefits of babywearing. 

All the experience and amazing mothers taught me the benefit of attachment parenting, and the bonding experience babywearing will bring.

I tried many different baby carriers though the 1st year of being a mom, from the buckled type, ring sling, soft wrap, hard warp, just name it and I used it!

I like all of them, but I didn't love it.

I wanted the same comfortable feeling of a soft wrap, without the hassle of wrapping.

and so Pikimama sling was born.

Luckily my first born was a very easy baby that gave me a lot of time to sew and play around with fabric.

When our first sling was done, my son and I loved it

Every time we left the house in our sling, other moms asked me to create one for her too!

I felt a little nervious to create a sling that was responsible for holding another person's baby...

So I researched
best fabric.
the best way to sew,
bought more sewing machines,

which took a few years, but finally made it into a product at 2015!

The sling that was made by a mom for moms.

In Pikimama, we believe in the following 3 things as our motto

1. Happy Mommy=Happy Family

2. Baby wear as much and as long as you want

3. Science based and simple 


In order to follow our motto, we have put lots of efforts and thoughts into parenting information we put out along side babywearing support we give. 

In Japan, the Pikimama Family is growing where like minded mothers can be friends no matter where they live. 

I hope that Pikimama can help ease your parenting struggles, and bring joy to you and your family in this precious time!


Lots of Love,

Alicia and the Pikimama Team