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Why Pikimama?

Made by a mother of four children, the pikimama sling is special in every way: ease of use, comfort, and fashion. All Pikimama slings are carefully made by mothers in our atelier in Tokyo.

Good for baby's hip?

Pikimama sling is approved by the International hip dysplasia institute as hip friendly baby carrier

How long can I use the sling?

Pikimama slings can be used from newborns up to 16 kg. In addition, as an after-sales service, you can order an alteration service. For example, you can use this service to adjust the size of the sling when your baby gets bigger and the sling feels too big, or when your postpartum diet has been successful and the sling feels loose.
The sling can be used for a long time until you graduate from carrying your baby.

Benefits of baby wearing with Pikimama

Carrying the baby in a comfortable sling is one of the easiest and best ways to bond with the baby. It supports the biological need for baby and mother to "be together. And swaddling also reduces postpartum depression and promotes milk production in nursing mothers. Being close to baby frees up mom's hands to fold laundry, answer emails, and take care of big siblings. Furthermore, even babies with reflux or gas can be calmed through swaddling. A pediatrician's study showed that carrying a baby for 3 hours a day reduced crying by up to 43%. The Pikimama Sling distributes the baby's weight evenly over the upper body without creating pressure points on the shoulders and back. This is why most of our users say they experience less shoulder and back pain after using pikimama. It also supports the baby naturally in a healthy and ergonomic "M" position. Every time you wear it, you will feel as if your baby is giving you a big sweet hug.

Can I nurse in the sling?

Of course!
We encourage mothers to nurse while babywearing after mother and baby gets adjusted to using the sling. Please contact us at cs@pikimama.com for any questions or advice.

Is the support belt sold separately?

Support belt is part of the set when you purchase the sling.

What happens when my sling is too big?

There is a threat of baby falling out of the sling when the size is not right. Please choose the sling appropriately.

The logo doesn't come to the front

The logo position does not affect the carry of the baby as long as the gathered part comes to your shoulder.

I have a big baby

The sling size depends on the wearer and not the baby's size.

Can I share with my husband?

There are many cases when you can share with your husband because the sling uses stretchy material, however, it depends on body type. Please contact us if you need advise in choosing the size.

How can I wash?

Pikimama slings are made to fit a variety of lifestyles. Therefore, it can be used in the dryer as well as the washing machine. The special fabric is quick-drying, so it can be washed at night and dried in the morning for clean use. *Like your clothes, it will last longer if you put it in a net and wash it or hand-wash it.